Using color treatment products on non colored hair?

I went to Big Lots today & bought a HUGE bottle of conditioner. The first thing I did was smell the product, & guuurl, it smells sooo good! I soon realized it was Herbal Essences Color Me Happy conditioner which is made for "color treated hair". I died my hair for my birthday last year, but most of my died ends broke off, so I was skeptical of buying, but then I thought. . .  Colored hair requires a lot of moisture & attention. Since this product is made to moisturize & add sheen to color treated hair, it has to work wonders on non colored hair right? I am also transitioning, so I still have my relaxed ends so I thought this would be a good investment. Not to mention the bottle is like 2.5 average conditioner bottles in one & was only $5.50 so I had to buy! (: So what do you think ladies? Can products made for color treated hair still give great results on non color treated hair?

1 Answer

Of course you can use it, go ahead! I use my colour treatment conditioner when my hair is dry and needy. Comment the results, your hair should look moisturized and healthy:)