what is a good vitamin product for hair?

4 Answers

Hey Panther. I'm assuming you are talking about oral tablets? Try lyconeo or lycopene, which i personally consume. They not only have biotin but loads of antioxidants too, which helps reverse and stagnate damaging affects of free radicals on your scalp. Also, take cod fish liver oil tablets (never with milk). Its very helpful.
Try "hair skin nails" at Costco. It made my hair really healthy and shiny. It also seems to make my hair grow at a faster pace. :)
My hair was noticeably thicker less tangled and full of body and it stopped excessive shedding. You can get this at Wal-Mart for 8 bucks with tax.
I've heard biotin is really good for your hair. It can be bought in any drug store and GMC.