What is the best shampoo?

What are your recommendations on the best shampoo for thick 3b curls?  thanks 

3 Answers

It really depends on what your curls like. You know how curls have a mind of their own. ;-) NaturallyCurly recently had their Best of the Best survey and Editor's Choice awards that might help you find a good shampoo.SheaMoisture won best shampoo, and the editors chose UR Curly shampoo, SheaMoisture, Eden Bodyworks and Cream of nature. You can see the specifics in the links above.  
I like Andalou Naturals. 
Hi there! A sulfate free shampoo should do the trick. Sulfates dry out your hair and irritate your scalp. Since tight curls can get easily frizzy and may need all the moisture it gets, you can benefit from shampoos made with organic oils. Argan oil is not only good for salads, but are also great for hair and skin. Look online for Pro Natural’s argan oil shampoo, their hair care system are simply the best! ;)