What kind of products should I use on my coily low porosity hair?

I have tight, coily, low porosity, high density, medium circumference hair (Lol that was a mouthful) and I was just wondering what type of product should I use? Should I use something light? or something heavy?I am also having trouble figuring out what type of oil I should use. I need something that would be able to penetrate my low porosity hair, while sealing and protecting my hair without feeling greasy.I have researched, and I have found that emollients works great for thick, coily hair like mine, but because I have low porosity hair I get product build-up easily and I don't want my hair to be greasy. I have no idea what to do.Please help, I'm new here. Thank you very much! God bless! (:

1 Answer

Definitely try coconut oil. It will penetrate the shaft. I think the thing about natural hair though... what works for one woman might not work for the next. I think every curly should try the basic amazing products that everyone raves about then move from there. So Kinky Curly Knot Today, Shea Moisture everything, a curl creme-- CurlJunkie coco curl creme, a good jelly product and a butter/sealant... that Oyin Burnt Sugar pomade OH DEAR GOODNESS! its amazing.