Which LA Looks gel should I get to keep my after shower hair (less volume and it's slick)

I want to know which LA Looks gel I should get for my 2c- 3a (ish) hair. I want to have the hair I get after I get out of the shower because it has less volume, my waves are defined and it's very shiny and slick. I bought the wet looks and thinking about the sports gel. I don't want to keep buying it and waste the whole bottle.  Which should I get? Any gels that are under 2 dollars that make it like that?(NO Kinky curly custard). Also, I've been told to look for elongate curls and weighing down hair?

1 Answer

Have you tried this one? L.A. Looks No. 8 Cashmere CurlsI've heard some curlies really like it.