Why won't naturally curly start adding product consistencies along with the descriptions of products

i notice when looking up products on this site there is never a remark about the consistency And a lot of people including me need to know before making online purchasesBecause thick butters and cremes are too much for my fine hair whereas leave ins and hair milks do my hair justiceAll i'm asking is that the site add under description the thickness of the product and what width of hair the product is intended for That would soooo helpful

1 Answer

Thank you for your question. Consistency is relative and using a grade system would require hair care companies to have a standard other than thin, medium, and thick. We do not try all of the products in our database, so we have no way to obtain that information unless the brand uses those descriptions. I encourage you to watch YouTube product reviews for more information. We are actually publishing an article today (July 28) about the misconceptions about product consistency, so I will share it in this thread once it is published.