You wrote a blog on the real satin bonnet and wanted to know which one you use?

I get mines from the beauty supply store and I experience dye coming off on my pillow and I kind of feel like it don't keep my hair completely moisturized.I use organics bonnet with Shea butter and olive oil and another one with argan oil.I don't know if its real satin or not.Help it's frustrating!

1 Answer

Hey Simplyshan,Real satin will feel silky on one side and a bit rougher on the other. Most satin caps from the store are made with the silky side on the outside which I personally consider kind of counter-productive. If you aren't sure about what real satin looks/feels like, check at a fabric/craft store. Go in and ask to see the satin fabrics they have. Then you'll know what you are looking for at the beauty supply store OR you could purchase a bit of the satin from the fabric store to make your own scarves/pillowcases.I use a satin pillow case I bought from Walmart and I think I have seen them at Target too. Those should say, "satin pillowcase" on the packaging. They are also sold in CurlMart: I also use a satin pillow case we got from EbonyCurls, who also has bonnets that are silky inside and outside, which I personally think is best: main thing you want to steer clear of is the flimsy black do-rag that will probably lead to dryness. If your current bonnet has that silky side on the outside, try using it inside out and see if that helps.I hope that helps!