Can I make a deep conditioner at home myself? What do I need to use?

3 Answers

I make a pack with honey and some oils which include coconut,almond,Evoo,castor oil and whatever oil is available and sometimes i add onion juice and yogurt(if my hair needs protein) then i just mix them until the mixture is slightly creamy and after applying i cover it with a shower cap then wrap a damp towel,which has been soaked in warm water,45mins after application above the shower cap not directly on my hair. Results: my hair stays moisturized and hydrated for 4-5 days max but as your hair is 4b it might be different,give it a try if you want :)
In a blender I mix:a banana, some honey, some coconut oil, some extra virgin olive oil (or you can use jojoba oil, castor oil, or avocado oil) and sometimes half an avocado. Mix it till it is really fine and creamy with no chunks of banana or avocado. Apply to hair. Wait 20minutes to 1 or 2 hours. And rinse out!   
If you need extra protein for your hair, try an egg with coconut milk and an oil of your choice. Alternately, I've done powdered milk, with coconut milk and lime for extra protein and shine. Leave on for at least half an hour and rinse thoroughly. Mix it up and have fun! Can't go wrong =]