Coconut Milk and Lime juice, deep conditioner or Relaxer?

Hi curly friends, I have a mixture of 3a, 3b, and 3c hair. It is a little bit heat damaged and I wa looking for a good deep conditioner. On you tube I saw this video by andreaschoice, who uses coconut milk and lime juice as deep conditioner. I've read many reviews, but most of them were made by people with hair types 4a,b and c. Now, is this treatment going to loosen my curls and frizz them up more, or is it going to work as a deep conditioner? I would really appreciate any answers from people who have used this and have the same hairtype. How often did you use it? What did it do to your hair? Any side effects or concerns you had after you used this deep conditioner? I have never relaxed my hair or used any chemicals on it for straightening all my life. I flat iron it once in a while, but I do not intend on getting rid of my curls. Please help! I attached a picture of my curly hair ( I guess that's 3b right) Thank you :) 

1 Answer

i am personally not a fan of home made conditioners. chemists spend their entire careers creating modern products and some are really good and they don't leave build up like some home DIY food/conditioners. my blog is helpful