Coconut oil hair recipes?I

I just bought a huge tub of coconut oil. Do I use it by itslef or should I mix it with other things??

2 Answers

you can definitely mix it with other things. My favorites are to mix it with essential oils and massaging my scalp. Tea tree oil, rosemary, sage, and lavendar are just a few that have many benefits. The oil itself can easily be blended into DIY hair masks. I love using it in my banana and honey hair mask. Or even avocado, honey and coconut oil mask. You can also use the oil to seal your ends. Don't forget to eat some of it too! It contains nutritious essential fatty acids that can benefit your hair and skin too :)
I recently tried the peppermint pre-poo and it did my hair wonders I also started adding coconut oil to most of my product like shampoo and leave in conditioner and I have also left the coconut oil (plain ) in my hair over night, I could go on about the wonders and recipes of coconut oil but we would be here all day, try looking at the recipie page