What to do to hair after box braids ? Hot oil treatment ? Deep condition ?

My hair has been in box braids for 2weeks and is very dry

2 Answers

You can always moisturize box braids by lightly spritzing them with a water/oil/condish mix. DC'ing them might cause them to slip out and if you plan on wearing them for a while that would not be good. When I wore box braids I would spritz them with that mix every other day or daily depending on how they felt and I would oil my scalp once a week and massage that in. I would have a ton of new growth! 
I have box braids in right now and every 2 or 3 day I spritz my hair with a mix of distilled water and Giovanni leave-in conditioner. After doing that, I oil my scalp with EVOO and castor oil in a bottle and it seems to help with dryness. FYI- I got my edges redone after a month. As far as hot oil treatments and deep conditioning, I don't while I have box braids in.