Hi, I just switched to natural hair. What do I use to maintain and keep it soft?

1 Answer

Oil is great. I love Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil or Oyin Juices & Berries Leave-in Hair Tonic. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/2800/oyin-juices-and-berries-nourishing-herbal-leaveinhttp://www.naturallycurly.com/curlproducts/view/9950/garnier-fructis-triple-nutrition-miracle-dry-oil-styling-products-5-ozThey moisturize my curls and keep them super soft all day. Also, at night or whenever your hair is wet and fresh out the shower, section your hair into about 5 or 6 sections & spritz oil in each one from root to end. Then, either twist or braid each section, and put a silk/satin bonnet on it before you go to sleep. You may also pineapple you hair too. The next day, your "second-day" curls should be soft, shiny, and bouncy. If they need a little help (because they're limp or something), I'd suggest spritzing some more oil when you unbraid each section.You'll have big, beautiful, detangled, moisturized curls!