Hi, I just switched to natural hair. What do I use to maintain and keep it soft?

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Oil is great. I love Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil or Oyin Juices & Berries Leave-in Hair Tonic.

They moisturize my curls and keep them super soft all day. Also, at night or whenever your hair is wet and fresh out the shower, section your hair into about 5 or 6 sections & spritz oil in each one from root to end. Then, either twist or braid each section, and put a silk/satin bonnet on it before you go to sleep. You may also pineapple you hair too. The next day, your "second-day" curls should be soft, shiny, and bouncy. If they need a little help (because they're limp or something), I'd suggest spritzing some more oil when you unbraid each section.

You'll have big, beautiful, detangled, moisturized curls!

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