How do I make hair curlier?

I've been looking through the recipies that you guys post, and I read a comment on the ovocado+mayo one that es from a wavy hair girl that with it, got a 3a. I'm gonna try it, but still I was wondering anyone knows something that might work even better.For example, after I use it, I might get a 3b. I'd like tighter curls :)Thanks!

2 Answers

Curly hair is down to genetics. If you don't have naturally curly hair then you will have to use tools to make it curly.Curly hair is unique this means every ones head of hair is different and reacts differently to products. Get hold of the  book called "Curly Girl".  Using that book plus the tips from you will be able to make your hair more healthy which may include making your hair curlier.
I had the same problem, my hair use to be wavy but now its a 3b. Unfortunately I believe my hair was only wavy because of heat damage. I used Ramoni rescue me protein treatment and it became curlier than it has ever been before. Also when I put product in it, I physically curl some of the straighter pieces with my fingers. Hope this helps!