Where can i buy Distilled Water in the UK?

I can’t believe how difficult it is to buy distilled water in the UK. I’d rather buy in person on the high street, has anybody got any ideas? I found ionised water in the car section of Asda yesterday. I didn’t buy it because I’m not sure i am completely comfortable putting anything in my hair required for machines. I have also considered main bottle brands and found 'smart water' to be an option for distilled water? Or maybe just boiled tap water on the stove to keep it simple? Or are there any other bottle brands that would be a good option?I’m currently using water straight from the tap for my aloe juice and flaxseed gel solutions, so i guess anything would be better than that. Any ideas appreciated.Also, although id rather buy in person from a retailer, I am open to reputable online solutions at a reasonable cost

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