I am having 100% pure and herbal amla, shikakai, brahmi & hibiscus powders.recipes for hair growth?

I want some serious hair growth. Right now I oil my hair with castor oil, olive oil and lavender essential oil weekly and deep condition every week or two. I do use coconut milk and fenugreek seeds powder also. Please share recipes for hair growth! My curl pattern is 3a. I also take 2 msm pills 1000mg once a day. does any of these powders dry hair too? Any input would be appreciated!

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Hey :), I have 3c4a from I guess - just to kind of reference my pattern. But I use exactly what you said, amla, shikakai, and brahmi. There is a video on youtube that I got on how to make natural amla oil. I used bought the powder from my local indian grocery and the shikakai and brahmi online. Click this sentence lol this is the video I use to make it. I follow the SAME instructions I just add the brahmi and shikakai powder with the amla. I use the oil for hot oil treatments, I oil my scalp every three days, and I use it as a prepoo. If I have argan oil I also add that to the oil. I do take fenugreek capsules but I have used the powder with greek yogurt before.I use fenugreek, plain yogurt, and I add the oil of my choice. This is a great protein mask and my hair really shiny and soft afterward. BE SOOO CAREFUL not to get the yogurt on your scalp though because youll smell like milk until you wash your hair lol eh.I also take hair skin nails vitamins from walmart, and i take folic acid. As far as I know, none of these powders dry out the hair. At least not mine. But then again I never put just the powder in. It's always a DIY concoction. I hope this helps love! xo