how can i use black Jamaican castor oil into my normal routine, is it ok on type 3 curls?

I've read a lot about how magical black Jamaican castor oil is for hair and am willing to try it but is it ok for type 3a/b curls and how can I add it into my normal routine?  my normal routine include peppermint pre-poo, shampoo and conditioner, brush and air dry, but in between 1 a week washes I use a normal leave in conditioner ( wella)  every morning and brush through.

1 Answer

When using oils and trying to pick which ones, your curl pattern is really the least important thing you need to consider. Your hair's porosity and width will tell you whether or not you need something so heavy to seal your hair, or if it will weigh your hair down because your strands are fine. That being said, I would figure that out first to determine if you want to use it, how you want to use it, and  how much of it you want to use.It can be used as a prepoo before you shampoo your hair. It can be used as a hot oil treatments. You can add it to your favorite oils and put it on your scalp as often as you'd like OR you can put use it alone or with those oils to seal your hair if you do the LOC, LOCO, or LCO method. You can put it on at night to avoid your hair from being really greasy. You can also add it to your favorite shampoo or conditioner to make it more moisturizing. It really all just depends on your hair and your liking.These are ways you can use it everyday or use it at all. I just mix it in my homemade oil mix and put it on my scalp everyday and to seal my hair. I do all of these but those are the only ones I do every single day. Or every other day lol. Hope this helps love, xo.