is there a recipe to help with heat damage?

I used to relax my hair but I've been relaxed free for two years. so then I went to the salon every two weeks to get it straightened & now I want my curls back from when I was 8. I used to have hair type 3B( curly hair) so I haven't straightened my hair for 2 weeks & I washed it and I see my curls ... I just have heat damage( it's not bad) & it's really frizzy. I don't want to do the" BIG CHOP" I too scared to do that.  so is there a recipe to help with heat damage ,first then I will work my way to the frizz ?

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I had all over heat damage from root to tip and I learned that there is no 'reversing'. Heat damage is a permanent process that cannot be undone. Early on in my transition, I would curl the heat damaged ends to match my new growth a bit better. The heat damaged hair will not go back to being natural or being healthy. I found curling them was the only way they matched my hair texture. People suggest protein treatments and beer rinses. The truth is, the hair has been melted. So where a protein treatment, or beer rinse would be filling in gaps in the cuticle, its likely your cuticle is melted away on those heat damaged parts. The short answer to your question is no, there is no recipe. But curly styling can help them look better.
I dont necessarily agree with the person that says heat damage is irreversible. i bleached my curly hair for a couple of years and destroyed my hair. i cut none of it off, i just started treating my hair better i dyed it back dark did masks on it a few times a week, the apogee 2 step protein was a life saver, i used a microfiber towel. and in a few months my hair was curly again. not as curly as before i bleached it but still curly.
Sorry but no what has been done is done so you will just have to cut it off and start over unless it's just the tips you can just cut those off and not all of your hair
try using Avocado , egg , and mayonnaise as a protein treatment to build up hair fullness and increase moisture or try using Coconut oil shampoo and conditioners . Hot oil treatments and Shea butter are wonderful choices too. L'Oreal deep conditioner is also another option  . I hope these tips were helpful .