Recipes for relieving dry itchy scalp? Oil treatments or scrubs?

I have 3c hair and use a variety of Shea Moisture products.  I finish with a Bumble and Bumble gel and diffuse.  Once summer is over, my scalp becomes super dry and itchy during day 4 after washing.  I get flakey dry patches, almost like eczema or psoriasis, and really bad noticeable flakes.  If I wash more often, my scalp is happy, but my hair becomes super dry and frazzled.  Plus my regime takes forever, so I'm on an every 5-6 day schedule.  Any ideas for excellent homemade scrubs or oil treatments?  Photo 1 is day 1 after washing/styling, Photo 2 is day 3, and Photo 3 is day 5.

2 Answers

Well if your scalp is happy with cleaning more often, it sounds like you have your answer.  Using Scrubs and extras may cause more irritation.  It may not, but you have found your answer, it just has a horrible side effect; dry hair.  My suggestion is to cleanse more often. However, on the days when your hair does not need any shampoo, do not apply it throughout your entire head of hair.  Coat your strands with a thick conditioner  a few inches below the base of your scalp and apply the shampoo directly on your scalp. Rinse by lifting your hair upwards to let the water run straight down, rather than down the length of your strands and repeat.  Finish with an extra moisturizing conditioner from mid-shaft to ends.  Do not apply conditioner to the scalp. Please let me know if this helps.
Tea tree oil and castor oil should work pretty well.