How to thicken watery Shea Butter mix ?

I just bought some shea butter and I really wanted to use it to moisturize and seal my very thick hair. Well I watched many videos on how to do it and I finaly did it. I mixed many oil with it : Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, and Herbal oil. I mixed it with my hand (Yea it took a while) But it was so watery. So i put it in the freezer and when I brought it out it was hard as a rock. So when it melted it was still sooo watery. I decided to mix it in my blender then put it in the freezer but it was STILL watery. I was wondering if anyone knows how to thicken shea butter and make it creamy. Because I don't want to apply it to my hair like that I want it to be smooth and creamy and fluffy. Thank you :)I think I added too much oil so do you know how I can fix it?

1 Answer

I have raw shea butter that I melted until it was creamy and then I mixed it with some of my other hair lotions. I found that it goes wonderfully with my "Organics by Africa's best olive oil leave in conditioner"  You can also try it with aloe vera or pure coconut milk. I also use it with my sauve naturals shampoo and conditioner.