what is the best way to lossen your curl pattern

I've been wanting to loosen my curl pattern for a while now and I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions. So far I know about coconut milk/cream and lime,and I don't want to use henna 

1 Answer

Natural ways to loosen your curl pattern are through no-heat stretching methods such as twist-outs, braid-outs, bantu-knot-outs, and wash n' gos. Different methods work for different people, it's trial and error, you just have to try different methods to see which one produces your most preferred type of curl.I have thick hair that curls easily but does not hold curls easily without getting shrunken up or frizzing. I love Smooth n' Hold pudding, it's cheap (you can get it from Walmart or Sally's beauty supply) and does its job well. I use it for my twist-outs/braid-outs/bantu-knot-outs. It keeps the curls soft, defines them, and helps prevent frizz. For a wash n' go, I suggest applying Smooth n' Hold pudding then applying EcoStyler gel, the gel helps set the curls.Twist-outs tend to give me extremely defined, chunkier curls. The pros of twist-outs (for me) are that the curls last for almost a week (I use the pineapple method at night) and since the curls are so defined I don't have to worry about frizz. The cons of twist-outs are the shrinkage (pineappling stretches the curls, but it's still a con) and volume. Twist-outs add volume to the hair, which isn't good for me since my hair is already voluminous and I don't care for very big hair. I also don't like the chunkiness of the twists.Braid-outs give me a loose curl pattern (like an S-shaped wave). It stretches slightly more than twist-outs but not significantly so. Pros of braid-outs are that they don't add volume to my hair or give me chunky curls. Cons are that braid-outs don't really maintain themselves as well as twist-outs.Bantu-knot-outs are okay. I don't like the springy curls it adds to the bottom, adds to the shrinkage of my hair. I do like how springy the overall look is, though. I'm not a big fan of wash n' gos simply because my curls from wash n' gos do not last any longer than a day. Which is a shame because I actually love the curls that wash n' gos give me! Wash n go's stretches my curls out more, which takes most of the volume away from my hair. That results in my hair still being and looking thick, but not chunky/big or overly voluminous. The fact that the curls don't last, though, is the reason why I rarely do wash n' gos.Hopefully I helped in describing the different methods of stretching hair and how they work for me :)