My have 3b hair and it ALWAYS frizzes after straightening, once I leave out. Any advice please?

I use Aveda Smooth Infusions style prep before straightening and then the glossing straightener from the same range, once I've finished. I also spray Aphogee keratin and green tea Restructuriser prior to blow drying when my hair is damp. I don't straighten my hair regularly at all, so I can't regularly try and test methods to compare results. Does anyone have a tried and tested method please? I deep condition on a weekly basis if it matters. 

1 Answer

You should DC before straightening. Your drying tools play an important part but depending of the humidity in the place you are your hair will behave differently. Im a 3b and live in a dry city, therefore, my hair is perfect and maintains straighten just by using a blow dryer. If I go to a humid city it gets crazy, for those cases I use a flat iron after the blow dry. Apply a serum after you are done. If by doing this your hair still gets frizzy then consider changing  your drying tools to a professional brand (as mine).