Any ways to loosen curls? 3a hair

I have had a relaxer which I was very happy with because it made my curls much looser which I desperately wanted and needed. However, it made my hair brittle and dry and even gave me some breakage. I am able to cope with it and would take my drier hair that I have now over my Afro before haha. I have 3a thick dry hair now. I used to do keratins but they didn't last long at all on my hair and they were too expensive to get as much as I needed to keep my hair calm. I was wondering if there was any ways to loosen hair other than braiding and twist outs and things like that. Also anything that will also maybe make my hair looser but also healthier. I've read about henna but I don't want my hair to turn red. My dream hair would be more like 2b hair :(( . Straighter at the top and curly at the bottem is my goal.!!!!!! Let me know if you have any ideas!!!

2 Answers

It's difficult to change hair pattern without chemicals, and you generally want to avoid chemicals. So your best bet is to learn to love your natural hair! :)
I started the Kenra Smoothing process about a year ago and I love it! It does use chemicals but they aren't as harsh as the keratin treatment. It loosened my curls and made them so much easier to manage! Best of luck!