Anyone know of any salons that retexturize curly hair?!

I have 3a hair. ive relaxed my hair before but it made it pretty dry however the results were worth it. i also tried keratin treatments and the reslts were amazing but they washed out so soon and was just way too expensive. im looking for a salon that expertizes in straightening treatments for curly hair because i have heard of so many different kinds but i have no idea where to go. i want a lot of options and the perfect treatment for my hair to loosen my hair from a 3a to a 2b at least! so basically the keratin treatment but less expensive and permant. i dont care about money i just need relief from my crazy hair. i live in counneticut so anywhere in the east coast would be best! Thanks!

1 Answer

Ditch the relaxers. you'll regret it in a few years, your curl pattern will be gone forever and even when you grow out the relaxers and treatments your hair will be straight, dry and unmanageable!!!! Embrace those curls and waves!!!