How do you blow dry your hair straight, without dryness, damage and frizz?

Ok, I'm learning more and more how to manage and even love my curly hair, but there are still days that I wish I could just have straight hair. Just once in a while. I have very thick and dense 3B hair. I think it's pretty porous. I have used straightening irons in the past (years ago), but I know they damaged my hair. They also took forever, since I have so much hair, and half the time, it didn't come out like a wanted. I figured I would try doing it with a hair dryer. What rules/techniques should I use to get straight, smooth hair without damage? Also, it would be ok if there is a little wave still there. It doesn't have to be pin straight. Just smooth and not frizzy or damaged. Any advice would be appriciated! Thanks!!

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