Bouncing back after 2 Brazilian Blowouts

My hair type is a mix between 3A and 3B.  Over the last 3 years I've had 2 Brazilian Blowouts about a year apart and now when I let my hair dry naturally, my curls are no where to be found.  The best I get is a little bit of wave. Aside from cutting it all off and growing it out again, is there a way to train my curls to come back??

2 Answers

Not really. BB is supposed to be pretty permanent, I think. I'm pretty sure you're just stuck waiting for new growth. 
Hi Islandgirl1968 and KinkyKid: Brazilian Blowout treatments are not permanent.  In fact, they last about 12 weeks.  From the information you shared, it's hard to tell whether or not you received an actual Brazilian Blowout treatment or a keratin treatment.  After a client receives a Brazilian Blowout treatment, the curl pattern begins to come back around the 10-12 week mark depending on the client.  Unlike a relaxer, there is no line of demarcation and there is no change to curl pattern, which leads me to believe that you received a keratin treatment but were told it was a Brazilian Blowout, which are often confused with each other.  Brazilian Blowout is amino-acid based which are the building blocks of protein, as where keratin treatments are simply protein based. Because of that, it allows Brazilian Blowout to be customizable (keep curl and lose frizz or wear more sleek and straight with less styling time), and allows the client to leave the salon with no restrictions - immediately wash hair, put in ponytail/clip, exercise, etc. as where keratin treatments require the client to leave the product on the hair for up to 72 hours/3 days with restrictions on any of the above.  Hope this helps.