burnd scalp

Hi i have been a natural for 1 1/2 year now and this problem began before i was natural. I never been natural before i grow up with relaxers end protective hair styles. And i have noticed that my scalp i very sore it have been that in a long time but now i noticed it more. And it hurts by even finger detangel my hair or touching it... I think i have burnd my scalp but i dont know and it's not all of the head it just smal part in the middle and recently i noticed that is a another type of hair in that area that is sore more thicker hair then my 4a but i dont know what kind of hair that is I'm new to my hair i have no idea how to handle it. Please help me figure out why my scalp is sore.. Ps i have tre type of hair that i know about. 3b and 3c in the back of my head and 4a is the majority i think

1 Answer

It happens to me when I spend a lot of time without washing my hair, and with a lot I mean 6 days. At day 6 it is already hurting. It doesnt happen when it is curly though, just when it is straight. Also, if I have the same hairdo for a long time, like 3 days in a row. Even if I redo it everyday. The thing that do the trick for me is washing my hair. I've tried applying olive oil to the scalp but it didn't help. I wash my hair and the pain is gone.