can an individuals hair determine if they would be successful at a job

hi its me again im presenting a persuasive speech today on natural hair in the work place. I'm having a hard time . I found some information going against hair in the work place. My main claim is natural hair is just as professional as straight hair.

2 Answers

It is all about how you carry yourself, competance and self confidence. I have natural hair and have had it for the last 13 to 14 years. You can wear natural hair professionally.
Yes, natural hair can be and is professional.  Job performance and hairstyles should have no correlation.  I just did the big chop 6 months ago and I receive a lot of compliments from my co-workers and my boss on my TWA. Its all about how you feel about your hair.  If you don't embrace it, you can't expect others to do the same.  I love my hair now more than I ever did when it was relaxed and long.  My short, kinky hair is beautiful.  My natural hair has not stopped me from earning a paycheck, period.