Can I use a clarifying shampoo once my hair has Pravana Perfection done?

So I have the frizziest, coarsest, thickest, poofiest hair of anyone I know, (4C I think??) similar to African American hair but it's red. I've had 6 Pravana Perfections done over the past year, 3 of which seemed to do absolutely nothing. My new stylist did a good job 2 doing the Pravana 2 days ago, going really slowly 10 times with the iron and it has finally come out pretty smooth. Because I have oily skin and scalp and don't like the feel of "gummy" sticky hair, I prefer to use clarifying shampoo. I was so excited to get the Malibu sulfate free clarifier, only to have my stylist call me at home and say the owner insists I NEVER use clarifying shampoo when I've had the Pravana Perfection done as it will wash it right out. Ugh! Is this true???? Just when I finally loved the way my hair felt, clean, smooth and NOT gummy & gross from all the moisturizing shampoos, which is all I generally find in sulfate free.

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