Curl pattern a mess from straightening!

I believe I have type 3b/3c hair, although it's hard to tell from heat damage. I am a junior in college now and I have been straightening my hair pretty much since I started high school. I have been trying to stay away from the flat iron this past year, and for the most part I have been going natural for about 5 months now. My issue is that my curls are a mess! I have wavy, curly, and completely straight pieces all through my head, and I only wear my curly hair in a bun because it looks awful down. It is also very frizzy and dry.. Is there any thing I can do to get my curl pattern back and manage my hair so that it looks okay down? Thanks!

2 Answers

Time, TLC and patience.  Also, get a good curly cut.  Those straight pieces are not coming back. That is damaged hair that needs to be cut off.  You can trim it back a little at a time - trust me, you will be amazed at what happens when those damaged ends are cut off!  Condition, condition, condition and protect your hair - always wear a scarf at night.  That's the only way...
to be honest if you really want your curls to pop youve gotta go completely flat iron free atleast for the the first little bit. I did the same thing flat ironed my hair everyday for 7 years. When I decided to go completely natural I babied my hair with deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments. I grew it out for 3 months then cut off all my heat damaged hair.Its been 4 months and I havent touched a flat iron  and couldn't be happier with the results. I still have a ways to go but my curls are way better than they were. I posted a picture after 1 month and my hair now