How do you get your curls back after blowdrying? I used low heat & a finger diffuser.

2 Answers

Thank you for your question.Depending on whether or not your hair was seared with blow drying, your curls should bounce back after washing.  The trick is to use a shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your strands after a blowout.  Typically when we blow our hair out, we use products to help smooth the cuticle and also protect against the heat.  This protection will also protect you against moisture to make your blowout last longer.  You can expect a silicone to be near so you will need a shampoo to cleanse the silicone from your strands. Don't worry, there are plenty of sulfate-free shampoos that will gently cleanse your hair and not strip it of it's goodness.  After you thoroughly cleanse, it is a best practice to deep condition your hair after wearing a blowout.Welcome back curls!
What exactly did you do to your hair? if you used a diffuser then your hair was supposed to maintain the curls. I mean, you are a 4a? how low heat and a diffuser vanished your curls? I'm a 3b and I need serious heat and a round brush to straightened my hair. I'm lust in your procedure.