Will my curls come back after I straighten with a hot comb once?

I have 3A/3B curls and I haven't touched heat in 6 months. I really need a trim and want to have my hair straightened to get about an inch cut off (I already have layers). I've been co washing for the past couple of weeks but I plan to clarify with a no sulfate cleanser, deep condition, use avocado oil as heat protectant, air dry, and then have my hair pressed with a hot comb right before getting it trimmed. I LOVE my curls and am only getting them straight for the cut, I'm going to wash my hair three days later. But I'm scared my curls won't come back!! I feel ridiculous but I'm nervous, please help!!!

1 Answer

Curly hair does NOT and should NOT be strHaten'd to be cut. Yes one time straightening will change your curls.  You have been doing such good job taking care of your natural hair. Why set yourself back?  Look at it this way, if you burned a beautiful piece fabric with a hot iron could it be repaired?  The answer is no.  Each curl on your head is unique and needs to be treated individually in it own micro enviroment.  Sometimes curls can spring 6 inches when pulled straight.  If you don't wear your hair straight don't have it cut that way.  Do your research on the salon finder here on NaturallyCurly.com and go get yourself a proper curly dry cut.  You and your curls will thank you!