Will my curls every fully return?

I've always straighten my hair on occasions but a little under 3 years ago it became pretty much a daily thing. I'm in highschool so during the summers I would leave it to itself with no heat. This went on for about 2 1/2 years with some breaks during the school year and no heat in the summer. In about March of this year I stopped the straightening. My hair isn't real curly any more. I used to have 3a hair and now it's more a wave with a few small curls. my hair is pretty much flat to my head on the top. There aren't any real straight pieces which is good but will my curls ever come back or will I be stuck with this wavy hair now?

1 Answer

it sounds like you may have some heat damage. If you cut your dead ends off every so often and stay away from heat more often then not, then you should be good. If you take care of them, your curls will come back with time and patience (: