Dry hair due to straightening n coloring.New growth is very much curly than original one.Please help

I had straightened & colored  my hair.Now they have become thin,rough and dry. New growth is very very curlier than my original hair.  Because of new growth now each hair strand has become half straight n half curly. Which is not looking good. As I have short hair so I don't want to cut the part of hair which is still straight.When will the straightening effect completely disappear?Does the effect last for a long time? I want to get my good curls back. Please help me.

1 Answer

well first off , your straight hair is basically damaged now . You will eventually have to cut it off later on in life when you are ready .I had got my last relaxer about 3 years ago and even though some of my hair went back to being wavy/curly , my ends are still straight in some places . But for now , you can stick to protein treatments to make your hair strands stronger ( I suggest using Aphogee products )And use a deep conditioner for moisture .