Flat iron temperatures go from 1 to 30

Hi everyone! So I just recently got a new flat iron and I love it! The only promblem is that the temperature dials go from 1 to 30. It doesn't actually tell you what number the temperatures are. The highest temperature it goes up to is 30 and I know that is 375 degrees but other than that I don't know what the other temperature settings are.It also didn't come with a manual or anything, and I tried searching online to find the temperatures but I can't seem to find any answers.  Can anyone help me out with figuring out which number goes with what temperature?

3 Answers

I would suggest you contact the company that made the flat iron and they will be happy to tell you what heat translates to what number.  You should also ask them if they know what temp would be best for you.  If they do not know use your best judgment.  You want the temp that will allow you to straighten with 1-2 passes.  Err on the side of caution and always use a heat protector.
you could just do the math, I'm assuming that the numbers would be equally spaced and there for have a set number of degrees between each so 375/30 is 12.5 or 13 so that would mean multiply each number by 12.5 or 13 to get the temperature at a given number so 15 would be 187.5-195 degrees 
I think every number goes for 13 degrees. The best choice is to grab some flat irons that offer your temperature scale normally. They are most precised and will give you the best results. It can be really dangerous to use other scales, maybe you will burn yourself with the current flat iron.