a friend wants me to straighten my curly hair with a ceramic brush on cam for an advertisement

I have fine, low porosity curls. I have been trying to restore my curls for the past year and a half so I haven't straightened my hair ever since, my hair changed from 2c to 3b curls. I heard that the ceramic straightening brush is really damaging  and honestly i'm scared to agree to do it bc i don't want to risk causing a lot of damage to my already thin hair, will straightening it 1 time damage my hair? should i not do it at all?

1 Answer

No straightening one time definately won't damage your hair and plus you will probably be impressed with how well it works without damaging. I use a straightening brush a couple times a week. here are some additional tips about how to protect your hair from heatTo endure your hair won't get damaged make sure it's completely dry before she starts straightening it and use a heat protectant. You can give your hair a good comb before hand too, to ensure there are no tangles throughout your locks.I hope this helps you feel more comfortable.