Is it ever good to straighten your hair?

Is it ever good to straighten your hair if you only do it once or twice a year? Or is the heat just never a good thing for your hair? I was thinking maybe the change of routine might be good for my hair. I'm not talking a professional salon btw!

1 Answer

CAN you straighten your hair 1-2x a year? Yes. Is it GOOD for your hair? No. I do know some curlies who straighten their hair once or twice a year and they still have healthy, bouncy curls. But it is ALWAYS best for your hair to minimize heat use. If you never straighten your hair, you'll have the healthiest hair possible. If you do straighten it, you won't. However, only straightening every once in a while PLUS making sure to take good care of your hair before, during, and after straightening can minimize damage! I recommend looking up on YouTube some tutorials on straightening hair. I know Summer Kellsey and Luhhsettyxo both have some. Hope I helped! :)