serious trouble with curly roots while hair is growing out from permanent straightening!!

I got a permanent hair straightening treatment back in June.  It was not supposed to be permanent (should only last a couple of months), but it is January, and my hair is still board straight with the exception of the 1.5" roots, which are curly (I cannot even get the straight parts to be a little bit wavy using both a leave-in conditioner and Curls Rock- which was my go-to product for my naturally curly hair).  I had my hair cut so it is shoulder length- which helped remove the dead ends, but I cannot straighten it every day as I feel it is breaking, and I now have 2 different textures.  Is there a product that can help relax the roots a bit while my hair grows out?  There is a BIG difference between the roots and the rest of my hair.  My curly hair starts at the roots- it is not slightly wavy at the roots and then the curls start several inches out.  Has anyone else gone through this?

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