Hair breakage solutions?

Hi! So I used to straighten my hair a lot but it got bad so I stopped. My hair is healthy again but there's still this breakage. Whenever I need to use heat on my hair for occasions those baby hairs just stick out...nothing gets them to stay down. Is there anything I can use for breakage like this? In the meantime does anybody know any ways to get them to stay down?? I've tried hairspray, bobby pins, oils and creams (no I don't over use them) but the hairs are just so tiny they won't stay but they still look funny...thank you!!!

1 Answer

For things you can use on your hair to get rid of the frizz, there are natural oils like coconut or argan oil. There's one I use called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil which works. You can put some on your damp hair after a shower and it'll fix your hair all day long, it's the best there is for breakage, frizz, dryness and to prevent split ends. You can get this oil online if you want to try it. :)