i used to relax my hair since i was 6 and i stopped doing that and started transitioning at 14 but this journey was really hard to me bc i know nothing about my real hair and being so obsessed with curly hair made do that but my hair is so damaged in the front I literally did alot of things to improve it but nothing changed its so short and ugly and the back of my hair is so curly and healthy so i just decided to relax it and start transitioning all over again and im never gonna use heat on it i will just keep taking care of it so my new growth is gonna be so healthy and also i want to have the same hair length so what do you think guys do you think that is really gonna work bc the only solution for my hair is chopping all of it and i dont want to be bald and i know some of you are maybe going to say that i should go to hair salons or buy some hair products but in my country most of people have straight silky hair and they cant deal with my african hair and also its so hard to find curly hair products they are gonna be way too expensive or for fine curly hair and mine is not please help me im so done and i feel like i want to cry :(

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