My hair is dry, unmanageable, and tangled after straightening... is heat to blame ??

I straightended my hair Thursday night and wet my hair Saturday morning followed by a leave in conditioner. I can't finger comb my hair, it's dry and unmanageable.  Should I just stood straighting my hair once a month...? 

3 Answers

happens to me too a bit after straightening.Switched to better condition (Scientific Essentials) and never had issues.I have that happen in summer and in cold weather as well, after straightening
You just applied a leave in after the shampoo? no wonders why you couldn't finger detangle. You need a conditioner with great slip to do that. Im a 3b and I still haven't find a conditioner that allows me to finger detangle my hair. I don't think heat has something to do with it, I don't have a problem crossing from one style to the other but I make sure to take the proper steps. I always deep condition (as a minimum) after straightening. 
definitely need conditioner I add a bit of olive oil to my conditioner as a cheap deep condition the slip is greaton soaking wet hair. And always detangle in small sections. Like almost anything with natural hair patience is key.