My hair gets so greasy while it's straight, suggestions?

I am a straight hair natural (I know crazy right) and I know one thing. Washing my hair and straightening again too frequently will damage my hair. My hair gets so greasy, and I can't help but to wash it after about a good 6 days. I'm trying to stretch my time a little bit. Any suggestions on to handle and/prevent greasy hair? By the way, I am still caring for my natural hair. I do deep conditioners, protein treatments, I try to reduce my time with the iron, etc. The greasiness is the only issue. 

1 Answer

If you're using sulaftes or apple cider vinegar, or you're detoxing your hair too much like mqybe once every 4-8 weeks then you need to stop because this will confuse your scalp , after you stop doing these things to your hair stop showering for at least a week or maybe 10 days  , i know it's disgusting but the scalp gets greasy because you're showering too much so to calm it down you gotta wait and co wash can make your scalp greasy so be careful with it