Will my hair be ok if i straighten it?

I only straighten my hair once a year and I am really afraid my hair is going to be fried with split ends!  HELPI am in a recital for dance and we have to straighten our hair, what should i do? 

2 Answers

I think that this is more of a personal decision regarding if to straighten it or not. Considering that you haven't straightened it in a year I think it will be fine....I only do mine once a year also and my hair is fine; as long as I do my own hair  and don't go to a salon. They will straighten the crap out your hair with high heathair it will KILL your hair. Try not to use as much heat (air dry instead of blow dry then staighten) and um sure your hair will be fine.
Great answer!  Now for my response.  Will you hair be okay?  Sure it will be "okaaaay."   Will it be great?  No.  So yes, this is a personal decision.  Here are some helpful hints. ALWAYS use products formulated for heat protection from shampoo to stylers.  ALWAYS heat style clean hair, not dirty hair.  ALWAYS get a trim every 2-3 month, and ALWAYS deep condition before and on your next cleanse session after you heat style.  By the way, if your hair is already damaged, then do not add fuel to the fire, opt for a large roller set instead.  If your hair is generally strong, then you have the option to go forward with it!  Let me know if you have anymroe qusetions!