My hair is shortening and getting thinner. I relaxed my hair 2 months ago. What should I do?

I relaxed my hair two months ago. The first month, I  straightened my hair every weekend and did thread wrap in my hair ever night. I missed scalp repair gel, coconut oils and a lot of hair products in my hair. I didn't notice any problems with my hair. I usually put my hair in a top bun. During late October, I stopped straightening my hair,  I've been getting tired of threading my hair because involved in after school volleyball and I have a lot of homework. So I just brush it at night and put it in a loose top bun. I'm noticing my hair at the back is shortening and thinning. But my hair at the front is still beautiful. I've been doing the regular routine one again. Buy I don't straighten my hair because my hair is already too thin. What should I do to get my hair back?

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