Hair Straightening disaster! Flat ironing help?

So I've wanted to stop going to the hair salon because it's time consuming and boring and kind of on the pricey side. While I'm only in the 11th grade and my mom is supplying the cash for the hair dresser, when I graduate and go off to college, I'm really not going to want to find transportation to and from the hair salon every two weeks. So I've been wanting to do it at home. But it just won't turn out right!The first time I did it myself, it was swinging and loose and just awesome! I was so proud of myself! So exactly a week later I washed, blow dried, and flat ironed it again. Oh the mess it was. It was so stiff, if I did a handstand, it would still be in the same position! It's so frustrating! I've just got done with it again and I'm hoping some kind of miracle from the hair gods will make it less stiff in the morning though I doubt that'll happen. I've seen so many tutorials on YouTube and those women have their hair looking so flawless and I want the same~! >_< Any details? Help? My type is 3b/3c with a few patches of 4c. It's a little pass my earlobes and cut in a bob. Thanks!

1 Answer

Embrace your curls?