Half curly, half straight hair? *PLEASE ANSWER*

I used to have very curly hair, but then I started straightening it and over time it got less and less curly. I only used a flat iron for a few months, but now the ends of my hair is pin straight and the roots are almost crimped! No matter what the ends will not curl, but why is my hair growing out crimped? When it starts to get longer will it form curls? I have stopped using heat onit hoping my hair will eventually grow out and curl...but is it even possible? If so, arethere any natural ways tospeed up the hair growth process? Oh and Re there any hairstyles that I could work with my hair type?Thank you!

1 Answer

It's definitely possible to get your curls back. You already ditched the flat iron so you're off to a good start. Next you need to invest in a good protein deep treatment...or if you're willing to, get a whole line of protein rich shampoo, conditioner and products. Here's a good article about that. http://www.curlynikki.com/2012/11/the-right-protein-treatment-for-your.html Then try hot oil treatments...heat up some coconut oil and let it sit in your hair for about 15 min. If you can, get a trim to cut off the burnt ends. It's going to take some time for your curl to come back, but be patient and stay away from that flat iron. Good luck!