Is Heat Damage REALLY irriversible???

okay, so I got my hair straightened by my friends aunt who owns a hair salon and OBVIOUSLY she didn't know anything about natural hair because my hair turned out BAD. the first few weeks my hair was WAVY, not curly, WAVY like type 2 hair and my hair is type 4!. I washed almost every day thinking it was product but it wasn't. My hair seem damaged. I cried and cried until I saw an article that said do protein treaments. I did an egg and olive oil one, left it on for hours for 3 days straight and that helped my hair get a bit better, my hair felt thicker and less mushy and elastic. I watched NUMEROUS videos about how people "got their curls back" from heat damage and it gave me hope. I snipped off irriversible ends and trimmed my hair, I then bought Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor about a month after the terrible incident and that made a HUGE different in my hair. My coily hair was coming back. It looked beautiful, it was healthy again, thick again, and just felt 10x better. Now I have in box braids to protective style for a few weeks. Some people say heat damage is irreversible so I was just confused to how my hair reverted back to coily after being wavy from heat damage. Any explanations? Could heat trained instead of damaged hair be one? I attached before middle and after pics.

3 Answers

hi i had heat damage too but i diidnt do a big chop i just trim my hair every month. I deep condition my hair every time i wash and i do a protein treatment every month. Hope that help cheers from australia. 
Heat damaged and heat trained are the same thing. Heat damage does not always manifest to straight hair. It is just hair that will not revert to its original curl pattern and/or experiences excessive dryness.
If someone's hair completely reverts, then it never experienced heat damage; it just needed a protein treatment. If you say your hair is Type 4, then what is reflected in the photos is heat damage.