Hi! I am looking for a good, long lasting straightener. I have 2c/3a thick, curly hair.

I am in need of a new straightener for color guard. We are needing to do an intricate braid, but my curly hair does not look well in the braid, so they suggested I straighten it. The problem is, my current straightener does not work well. It it very hard to straighten it. My current one is a 1 inch straighter by SHI. My hair is somewhat thick, and an inch or maybe 2 below my shoulders. Any ideas of straighteners would be greatly appreciated! Below is an image of my hair when it is done, and looking rather good. Price range~ $40 - $150

2 Answers

You have gorgeous curly hair. I'd just leave it that way!
Hi Abby, I love love love your curls! I know several curlies who use a CHI and have good results. GHD is also very high quality and gets my hair even straighter than the CHI does, but will probably be at the upper end of your budget. Just be sure that any time you apply heat to your hair you use a heat protectant product! This is so important! And never straighten your hair if it's wet at all. It's very important that your hair is completely dry.