How can I straighten (semi-permanently) my 14 yr old sons Coily Ziggly curly hair?

I've been using a straightener but he's looking for something more permanent since it takes 30 min or more to get his hair straight. I've tried chemical straighteners, but I'm pretty sure that I'm using the wrong product. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

I'm definitely not an expert on straightening 4c hair, but I can tell you my experience. My sister uses a "texture-softener" or texturizer, which is a chemical straightener and you will permanently lose at least some curl tightness with one of these type products. (the one my sister uses, more info: He should still have some looser curls with this option. When the hair grows out, of course, you will need to reapply only to that new growth. A full-on relaxer will straighten the hair more, though it can be more damaging to the hair and also requires continued straightening. With either of these options, when I used to use either one, if I wanted my hair to hair that non-fro-like straight look, even after the relaxer or texturizer, it was necessary to blow dry and flat iron my hair if I wanted it to lay down flat.With all that said, I would encourage keeping the natural curls and instead of using heat and chemicals to straighten it, try braiding it into flat braids/cornrows after washing at night (unless he doesn't mind going out with that style, which is totally fine if he does). When the hair is dry, you can take the braids out and the hair will be stretched some. From there you can still blow dry if you like or style the hair however. I'm not sure what kind of look he wants for his hair, but another option is to learn how to care for and style the curls. He may prefer them cut shorter since that would be more manageable or just a shaped cut so that he can enjoy the way his hair looks at the length it is when he wears it curly. To wear it curly or straight, keeping it moisturized is key. He should use lot of conditioner after washing with a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo and even leave a little bit of conditioner in after rinsing or use a leave-in conditioner. I recommend trying Shea Moisture, especially the Curl Enhancing Smoothie for moisture and curl definition. He may also like Miss Jessie's for curl definition: Kinky-Curly: may involve some trial and error with products but the most important thing is moisturizing with a product whose first ingredient is water (most conditioners), because moisturized hair is not frizzy hair.If he washes his hair 2-3 times a week or more (shouldn't be washing daily because its too drying), he might like the moisture and curl definition he can get just from use Aussie moist conditioner and leaving some of it in his hair. This was one of my favs!Oh, and stop combing and brushing the hair. Use fingers or a wide tooth shower comb to detangle when wet, (smooth or rake with fingers) products/conditioner into the hair while wet and then leave it alone and let it dry. Don't comb or brush the hair unless its wet. You can also use any of these:, but if you notice they make the hair get fluffier then stop using and just use fingers or a wide tooth comb.I know that's a lot, but I hope at least some of it helps and I hope he'll be able to enjoy his hair naturally curly! I completely understand the struggle, though! I've been there! I hope you all find what works for him.