how do I get sleek, straight hair?

I Have Been Natural For 14 Months. I Have Around 3C-4A Hair. I Straighten My Hair About Every 3 Weeks And Wash It Every 2 Leaving It curly For 1 Week. I Have A Flat Iron where You Can Set The Heat You Want, I Use 8 Out Of 20-Something. I Was Trying To See If There Are Products That I Could Use To Help With The Process. When I Usually Flat Iron It My Hair Is Big Again Within Hours And The Wind Blows It Up When It's Blowing. I Was Hoping To Achieve The Sleek Straight Hair Like Aaliyah Hair Was. I Do Know That Everybody Hair Is Different But I Was Just Wondering If There Was Something Different I Could Do in Order To Get A Straight Sleeker, Hair. Thanks For Your Help 

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